Australia 2009
In 2009 thanks to the last minute help of our main sponsor CSOMIÉP Ltd. and Ferenc Kelemen we made it again back to Australia. After a brilliant two-day long search Bea Bozsó in the Szeged ticket office got the plane tickets - just two weeks before our journey. We still do not know how she did it.
Travel and arrival
After Frankfurt, a few hours of rest in Singapore, where we exchanged our last remained local currency to beer in the heat. In Sydney Lanyi Laszlo, our friend was waiting for us. He waited more than an hour because of the airport office (it was very tiresome, they could send us back after a day and a half trip) and then had a tough fight with the car rental as well. Kovi was quite busy taking the pictures and vides, he still did not know that at home the his recorded material will disappear due to computer problems.
The Dubbo Jazz Festival
Again, Ross Tighe organizer hosted the band. More than 30 bands, at several scenes: it was good to hear them again. Fortunately, the concerts went with full house again. Our friend János Horvath traveled hundreds of kilometers by car to play with us. Later, he won the the competition among the pianists with an outstanding performance - in a t-shirt with a Hungarian coat of arms.
On the festival's closing concert we played with the Dubbo Jazz Band, Joe Epps-out and Eric Holroyd's Sacramento Gang. The CSOMIÉP flag halfway around the world (half-covered the Australian sponsors) was there behind the concerts. The most moving was an older musicians, Ted Evans' unexpected offer at the final concert: he donated to the band an original, handmade hunting boomerang and a decorated emu egg. He said, he really likes the band's play and he knows how much work was it to get us back from home again to Dubbo. He also added, feel free to sell the gifts if we need money again for Australian plane tickets...
After the festival
A few days in Melbourne (instead of Bellingen) then back to Sydney. Harbour, the Opera House, Royal Botanic Gardens, Zoo. We visited Mulgoa with János Horvath for a little music together.
(Hi to everyone! Thanks for coming to our night of music at home. Everyone enjoyed your playing and joining in with the evening. It was great to meet you all.It was good to read about the band on the website. I hope you wil continue to have success with your playing and keeping Dixieland alive! Best wishes Adrian Sheen)
Going home, Hong Kong
Before the journey home Lanyi Laci fought again with the car renting company, he was back just to say goodbye. Seeing us tired again he said, as he used to warn us: Do not worry guys, after all everything depends on this! (And tapped his head...)
In Hong Kong we felt as if in the sauna has been left open a working dishwasher. We could not get used to the moist and the heat in three days but we managed to the main attractions: Tai O fishing village and the sitting Buddha, as well as the night market and the skyscrapers. The Qantas flight back took enough food and beer fueled again, so luckily we got home.
Australia 8/08/2006 - 8/09/2006
We played music at 4 international festivals, on the closing ceremony of an international bridge contest, in a jazz club and in a Hungarian restaurant. Dixie Jam Session 23 times went on the stage in 23 days: 3600 km Sydney - Dubbo - Bellingen - Coffs Harbour - Gosford - Sydney - Brisbane - Noosa Heads - Brisbane
Bands, stars
We met 105 bands. 21 in Dubbo, 17 in Bellingen, 2 in Sydney, 21 in Newcastle, 44 in Noosa Heads. Among them with 10 bands we met on more venues as 10th Avenue Jazz Band from USA. We played jam sessions with 3 bands.
Stars: Concert together with Bob Barnard, the internationally known trumpet player and the Horváth János Trio. We met jazz singer Emma Pask, John and James Morrison.
Friends and helping hands
Lanyi Laszlo, Horvath Janos, Legard Laszlo (Sydney), Julius Sarkozi, Judy and Ross Tighe (Dubbo), Peterdi Agi and her family, Ted Greenwood, Geoff Speed (Bellingen), Rod Gale (Gosford), Aniko Goninan, Trish Maund and Mr. Happy-David Mosley, Terry Gravolin (Newcastle), Maria Shelley and her family (Brisbane), Repasi Istvan and Kriszti (Noosa Heads)
Accommodation, freetime
At families, like having another home. At festivals in hotels and suites with internet booking, round the corner of the red-light district of Sydney, then in the middle of the 'red-circle' district of Singapore. On the home page there was no indication about the typical activity of the district.
Documentation, travel
Near to 4000 photos and 16 hours of video. I have not counted the cards and the articles, yet. 2 interviews in the TV, 4 interviews with the Australian broadcast, 1 for the Hungarian broadcast in Sydney. Our last record was broadcast by jazz programs in 6 radios and 2 radios made live concert record, too. 36 000 km: We should add only the length of the Budapest - London - Singapore - Sydney, and Brisbane - Singapore - London - Budapest flight to this to get the draft balance of the concert tour.
Australian clubs, festivals
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