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Jam session, an exclusive, occasional gathering of jazz musicians, where they play jazz music just for their own fun and enjoyment. It is a typical, traditional way of playing jazz. 'Örömzene' in Hungarian jargon means exactly the same. The short form of the phrase 'jam session' is jam i.e. improvising in professional jargon.
Brockhaus Riemann: Encyclopaedia of Music
27.04.2013 - Concert in Nysa-ban - again!
Thanks to the Visegrad Music United program the band plays again in Poland this April. More information and poster on the event's page.
31.03.2012 - New dates
31.05.2012 - Villány - VIII. Vasúti hidász találkozó
30.06.2012 - Orosháza
26.03.2012 - Short interview...
...About the band, the story and what's going on these days. Available in the 'Vásárhelyi Füzetek' - Ferenc Krupiczer is questioning.
The interview can be found here in hungarian.
18.03.2012 - Nysa
The band played in Nysa, Poland. This was a part of the Visegrad Music United programs.
You can find a video about the gig and the polish interview here.
Information about the show can be found on the local cultural page (polish) here.
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2012.03.09. - New homepage!
Refurbished homepage with new contents, photos and improved user interface - at the usual address!
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