The Band
Jeno Hatvani (Clarinet, alt- and sopransax, singing)
The founder of the band and has a chronic jazz mania. He pledged himself to jazz music 25 years ago, being fond of the style of New Orleans. He is open to play dixieland with anyone anywhere any time. Beside the clarinet he plays on alto- and soprano saxophones, conferates during concerts, he is the musical director and producer of our plates that have yet been brought out. From time to time he causes bitter disillusion and resistance, when he turns up in the studio, then he breaks democracy and mutate to musical director. His dog is called Jazz (collie). Playing clarinet from age 6, from age 19 sax. 30 years only dixieland style. 1 dance band, 2 dixieland bands.
Concert: Most countries of Europe, Moscow, Australia (2006, 2009)
Discography: 5 dixie CDs, Dixie Jam Session: 5 CDs+Best of DJS CD
Occupation: Band leader, civil engineer, dixieland-maniac
Tibor Fonay (Double bass, fretless bass)
He is the charter member of our former band and the Dixie Jam Session as well. He is familiar with all the genres, he played in a dance-orchestra for years. His favourite genres are especially the swing and the dixieland. During concerts metronome can be adjusted to him. Not only is he a follower with his bass, but we can enjoy him as a soloist in swing songs. It has happened that we couldn't continue our concert, becase we laughed at his punch line he wishpered. Playing cello from age 8, from age 16 double bass. 2 dance bands, 2 jazz combo, 2 dixieland bands. Playing dixieland for 29 years.
Concert: Most countries of Europe, Moscow, Australia (2006, 2009)
Discography: 5 dixie CDs, with other bands: 1 CD, Dixie Jam Session: 2 CDs+Best od DJS CD
Occupation: Engineer, designer, exclusive holder
Papa Fleigh /Laszlo Forgacs/ (Trumpet, cornett, drum, ventil trombone, singing)
Papa is a concept in Hungary and many other European countries. His singing capability, knowledge of diverse musical and stage performances, his club-shows inaugurated him one of the country's best trumpet player and singer a long time ago. No matter who is behind him the stage, the audience loves him at first sight and when he starts to play the conversation stops immediatley... As the band's frontman he is not only good in the traditional jazz but he also gives a memorable, lasting experiencein in the recalling of the Hungarian jazz history.
Concert: Everywhere in Europe, Tours in Finnland, Russia, USA, Canary Islands, Mauritius, Mexico
Discography: Dixie Jam Session II., Hot Jazz Band, Budapest Ragtime Band
Occupation: Professional musician and exemplary father
Tamas Kovacs (Trombone, singing)
Some are born with the love of a musical instrument or a genre... Like Kovi. He is feeling himself comfortable in lots of bands/genres if the basic is the same genre: jazz. Being capable of incredible improvisations in first heard tracks makes him a good studio musician. At the concerts he can find any tone and feeling according to any kind of guest artist. He sings brilliantly and of course he is an enthusiastic supporter of female fans...
Concert: Most countries of Europe, Australia
Discography: Dixie Cartoon
Occupation: Academy student
Attila Istvan (Drum, washboard)
Disciplined, creative team player. Ha worked in music school as drum teacher, played in trio and quartet , he's not surprised in any kind of entertaining music genre. Surely he shows his best in jazz. He is capable of standing up during a concert and drum on the guests' glasses and get the typical New Orleans rhythms out of anything - with a pair of drumsticks. In the band he is the one who consistently lives on own diet -only healthy food and drink - also during our tours.
Concert: Most countries of Europe, Canary Islands
Discography: Dixie Jam Session Dixie I
Occupation: physiotherapist, medical practitioner
dr. Lajos Csanadi (Piano, singing)
Followed from his job he always stands for the precise musical solutions. If he sees a piano he sits down and plays, hard to move him os if we have an invited guest the easiest to get another piano (see Robbie Rhodes, California) although de pause between the songs he stand with strong self-discipline. Has got a huge repertoire morover he tries to play every song in traditional dixieland or ragtime style. He can assimilate easily to evrey king of band. He's passionate 'chronicler' knows much about concerts, disc after ages. He introduced himself as a composer with Kromatik Rag on the first disc he's instrumentation is praised of 'Szép város Kolozsvár'. He plays piano for 40 years. 7 dance bands, solonights, 2 dixie bands, playing dixieland for 30 years.
Concert: Most countries of Europe, USA, Australia (2006, 2009)
Discography: Earlier 2 CDs, Dixie Jam Session: 5 CDs+Best of DJS CD
Occupation: Dentist
Former members
Attila Bencsik (Piano, guitar, vocal)
Concert: Germany 2008
Discography: Dixie Cartoon
Occupation: Music teacher
Norbert Marton (Trumpet and mouthpiece, singing)
Concert: Italy 2004, Finnland 2005, National trumpet competitions, Australia (concert round trip, 1 month long)
Discography: Dixie Jam Session: 5 CDs+Best of DJS CD
Occupation: Student
Valeria Varga (Drum, washboard, marimba, vibrafon, percussion instruments)
Concert: Australia (concert round trip, 1 month long), Finland, France, Germany
Discography: Earlier 2 CDs, Dixie Jam Session: 6 CDs
Occupation: Nurse
László Sallai (Trombone, singing, trumpet, synth, dance)
Concert: Most countries of Europe, Moscow, Australia (2006)
Discography: Earlier 5 dixie CDs, 3 CD with other bands, Dixie Jam Session: 5 CDs+Best of DJS CD
Occupation: Agriculture higher education
From the beginning, this is the name which we found the most proper for our young and particular jazz band, playing together for 7 years. It is particular because of the composition of the band, as for instance, the trumpet-player has just turned the age of 19; and because of the drummer who is a woman actually. In additional, the found members have been playing jazz together for more than 25 years (previously in Blasko Dixieland). This big difference of age between the members is also unusual. Unusual, because there are not too many bands starting to a concert having a prayer for the success by a priest. Unusual, because it donates the total income of a concert per year to the Rotary for charity.
Our band is the first one from Middle-Europe receiving invitation to 4 international festivals in Australia and giving there 23 concerts in one month.
Our band is remarkably governed by democracy and its every drawback - however, this is what revives our repertoire all the time, enriching it with novel ideas. In a concert with Robbie Rhodes, he depicted us to be 'like a long family'. 7 years have passed, 7 dictions on 7 new albums.
Our first CD mainly featured traditional songs, and the second one hit high unexpectedly: it got on the list with the internet radio, and two of the album's songs appear in the movie 'The Last Hungarian on Buckeye', first showing in Cleveland.
Also unique is our third album, as it abounds in Dixieland styled Hungarian operetta classics. Fourth CD, this special selection comprised of female names will be a curiosity among the other albums. I chose Michelle for the Lennon-anniversary, Norbi's choice fell on Waltzing Matilda (from 1895!) in honour of the Australian Bob Barnard and the American Jim Cullum trumpeters. We recorded our fifth record with a couple of genuine rarities under the title of Dixie Time after the Australian tour. Beyond the dixieland, the band is ready to play dance music on balls, dance-parties, too.
Of course, we do want to remember our past, as the found members have already played together with all the national dixieland bands and soloists, and they have even performed in many festivals in Europe, Australia, USA. Many photographs can be seen about these events in the guests, band and concerts parts of this account.
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